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Get More Out of Your Diary

Originally based in London's Diary House, nestled among the arcade of the Royal Exchange, John Letts engineered a unique accessory; inventing and publishing the world's first commercial diary. Over 200 years later and his invention is still used today to organise and record daily life. But are you doing everything you can to get the most value out of your diary? We've explored a few ways for you to get the most out of this annual investment.

Tip 1: Turn a New Page

Take time to find the perfect diary for you. Come January, a diary can feel like a new notebook with countless fresh pages waiting to be filled with plans and goals, so make sure you find the best layout to compliment your planning style. With day to view designs for the detail orientated, or week to views for those who like to see what's on their immediate agendas. We have page layouts for every lifestyle and cover designs for every personality.

Tip 2: Always With You

Do you plan at your desk or while you're on the go? Perhaps you prefer to use your diary more as a journal? Whatever your approach to planning, make sure the size works for you. Pocket size diaries are compact enough to carry with you daily: they can fit easily into a bag so you have your itinerary always to hand. You might have a specific place where you go to work or plan. A desk size diary would be the perfect addition to this space. Benefiting from a larger paper size, more room can be allocated for greater details or appointments. For those with a busy work and social life, you might choose to have both!.

Tip 3: Capture Your Thoughts

While a diary is the perfect place to keep your agenda, it can also act as a great place to note down personal goals or reflections on daily life. Capture that big idea on it's pages before inspiration leaves you, or note down an achievement for that day, regardless of how large or small. You could even use note pages to make lists of books you want to read, places you want to visit or restaurants you want to try. The more life you add into your diary, the greater reflection it becomes of you.

Tip 4: Make a Memory Tool

As we all become more and more dependant on digital devices to help with daily life, our brains are dealing with the negative impact of shorter attention spans and less reliable memories. These devices often prompt us when it comes to key dates or events - so in essence, we now have to remember less. A diary is a great way to counter this, take time out to fill in as many dates as you can recall and ensure you update regularly to maintain it. A month or yearly planner page is ideal for this. Add in those important dates and 'to dos' as you learn about them and create a visual schedule you are less likely to forget.