How to Journal while you travel

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How to Journal While You Travel

For the intrepid explorers and even the long-weekenders; make a memory last a life time by capturing your adventures in one place. Just because the trip is over doesn’t mean those memories have to fade, discover our tips on how to journal as you travel


Create a Plan

Document your itinerary over a few pages, you can do this before your trip. It can take the form of bullet points or an annotated map. You don't have to stick to it, but jotting down a few key places helps you structure your route.

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Daily Notes

Try and write at least a paragraph or even a few sentences a day about the experiences you had and the sights you saw. You can always add a little more detail later on.

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Save Your Memories

Never lose a single memory by collecting all your tickets and postcards and storing them in the back pocket of your journal. This is perfect for photos too.

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Pocket Size It

For days when you are on the move, carry our Slim Pocket style fits easily into your pocket plus the hard wearing covers are water resistant.

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Favourite Places

Use our dedicated pages to record your favourite restaurants and the new people you meet along the way. It's up to you whether you prefer to keep these travel insights to yourself or recommend to a friend.

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Your next trip

Finally, record the trip in your contents page and use the year planner to book your next adventure.

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